Johnson 7/8”x1-3/8”x 3-1/2” Cutless Naval Brass Sleeve Bearings

Johnson 7/8”x 1-3/8”x 3-1/2” Cutless ® Naval Brass Sleeve Bearings

Picture Dimensions of Apex Cutlass Bearing

A:Shaft Diameter (inches): 7/8
B :Outside Diameter (inches): 1 and 3/8
C :Length (inches): 3 and 1/2
G :Metal Thickness (inches): 1/8

• These bearings adapt equally well to strut and stern tube mounts, and are
often used effectively as rudder-stock and pintle bushings.
• Bearing diameters are precision fitted to the designated shaft size with
the correct clearance for efficient water lubrication.
• External brass shells are machined and polished to provide easy fitting.
• Specially formulated oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber is securely
bonded to the shell.
• Units with thin shells are available for the struts of small craft.
• Sleeve bearings are usually installed by light press-fitting and locked in
place with cone-pointed set screws.
• PRECAUTION: When shrink fitting of the bearing is required, chilling
must be achieved by gradual cooling to not more than minus 20° F (-28°
C) using freezer or regular ice (DO NOT DRY ICE). NOTE: Pounding or
shocking the bearing while in the chilled state could cause the rubber to
separate from the shell.

Metallic Rubber Bering

Brand: Duramax Marine LLC



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